The end of another exciting year! We head towards 2020! We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! In order to make this fantastic New Year Eve for our children, we are asking for your help and support. 


Friday September 18 , 2020
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A letter from Volodya`s mother

7 years old (before 1st grade): Volodya was playing in the courtyard with a girl. A teenage guy started bothering them and ordered the girl to move away from the black-skinned boy. The kids didn’t understand why. At that point the teenager hit Volodya as hard as he could on the head with a hunk of slating. Volodya received a very serious concussion. Even now, the crown of his head hurts badly when he has a temperature (even just a low fever). We lived in a small, industrial town. The population’s cultural level was not very high. Volodya was constantly attacked and ridiculed by teenagers and adults. Eventually, we were forced to leave.


8 years old: Teenage guys in the courtyard constantly messed with Volodya and insulted him. On time they swung the swing he was sitting on extremely hard, and he hit his head badly, after which the vision in his left eye worsened significantly.

9 years old (3rd grade): His classmates’ parents demanded that the principal remove Volodya from their class and the school entirely.  We were forced to appeal to the fund “Metis” for assistance. “Metis” was able to resolve the conflict, but when Volodya was in 6th grade the former principal left, and the parents appealed to the new principal with the same demands to dismiss Volodya from the school. The children also humiliated and insulted Volodya repeatedly. We were forced to move to another school.

10 years old: A classmate tripped Volodya as he was running into the classroom and roughly shoved him.  Volodya hit his head on the corner of the wall and suffered a serious concussion. Volodya participated on the rowing team. The other athletes beat him up and messed with him, fighting constantly.  The coach didn’t pay any attention to what was happening. He had to switch coaches.

14 years old: We were walking home. From behind a gate a group of about 8-10 skinheads came chasing after us with chains. Volodya started running.  He darted into a nearby kiosk and asked the guard there to protect him (he had always been taught to do this by me and at school). The guard, though, shoved him away and into the hands of the skinheads. They beat him up very badly. After this one of his eyes started to droop.

15 years old: Volodya was at sports camp. During the second session of the day a group of skinheads showed up at the camp and waited until there weren’t any coaches around.  They started to insult him and shoot him with an air gun. One of the bullets is still stuck in his palm.

16 years old: While canoeing under a bridge some skinheads dumped glass bottles on his head from above.

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